Kampot Pepper red

Red Kampot pepper is known and loved worldwide for its aromatic and fruity spiciness. It has a subtle sweetness and is also perfect as a visual decorative element thanks to the red color of the peppercorns. Red Kampot pepper is considered the best type of pepper in the world and is best used in freshly ground or ground form to enhance fish and meat as well as vegetables, salads and exquisite desserts. Red Kampot pepper is not to be confused with the pink pepper berry!

You can buy red Kampot pepper in our online shop as a purely natural product for which we do not use any flavors or flavor-enhancing ingredients. It is unsulfured and unirradiated.

Red Kampot pepper usage Seafood: The noble pepper rarity goes particularly well with gourmet dishes such as shrimp, mussels or other types of fish. Red Kampot pepper perfectly refines and underlines the aromas of fish and seafood with its fruity, spicy taste. With its red color, it also creates pretty visual accents in your fish dishes. 

Fresh: The aromatic bouquet of red Kampot pepper is best displayed freshly ground. Use it in a spice mill or serve it freshly ground as a table spice. It refines a variety of dishes and is a real highlight, especially for pepper fans. 

Chicken: With the fruity and spicy aroma you can wonderfully refine steak and poultry. Sprinkle the seasoning on your oven-baked poultry dishes, on turkey sandwiches or on salads with chicken fillet strips. Of course, red Kampot pepper goes not only with chicken, but also with other types of meat as well as vegetables, tofu and side dishes!

Interesting facts, origin and extraction of red Kampot pepper

Red Kampot pepper is considered the best variety of pepper in the world. It is grown and harvested entirely by hand in the Kampot region of Cambodia. The production of the noble pepper delicacy is time-consuming and the harvest quantities are very small, which is why it is considered a culinary rarity. You can buy red Kampot pepper in excellent quality in our online shop.

Texture: Whole / Coarse

Goes with: meat, vegetables

Packaging note: A supply pack is sent in several small bags for sustainability and product freshness reasons. (Ex: 500g=5x100g)
Ingredients & nutritional values for Kampot red pepper, whole

Ingredients: Kampot pepper, whole berries

May contain traces of allergens.
Vegan, without flavor enhancers, without added gluten, without yeast extracts, without preservative substances, without artificial flavors, without synthetic colouring, without added salt, no added sugar, without adding lactose, unirradiated, unsulfured

Manufacturer & storage for Kampot red pepper, whole

Manufacturer: Bremer Gewürzhandel

Storage: cool, dry

Suitable for our spice mills

Packaging: 50g in a refill pack

9.00 €
180.00 € / 1 kg