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The design process is a constant questioning of functions and use of an object. But so is the search for balance, aesthetics and the inflow of feeling into the design of the object. The beauty of a product is not only the external beauty of the form, but even more an inner, invisible beauty that respects the conscious use of resources, working conditions and trade relations.


This spice mill is unique in function and shape and suitable for grinding for all dry small spices such as .B. pepper and salt. The body is made of FSC certified wood in the form of a ball. The centrepiece consists of two ceramic industrial grinding discs and a stainless steel mechanism. The mill has a magnetic lid and can be easily filled through the large funnel-shaped opening. The mill is secured by a self-locking hat nut under the lid. Small parts of children cannot be swallowed or dropped into food.
The coarsest grinding degree (approx. 0,8 mm) was preset via the self-locking hat nut and no longer needs to be changed. To grind, take the ball halves into your hands and turn back and forward against each other. The grind is omitted in the middle between the hands. By applying pressure during turning, coarse grinding degree becomes fine. Standing upright, no scraps of grind are pouring on the table. In case of heavy contamination, wipe the wood hand-wet and oil. We recommend treating the spice mill from the outside with olive oil. The mill does not need to be cleaned from the inside. Thanks to the ceramic disc grinders, the special construction and the use of dry spices, it is not possible to glue the grinding mill. The ceramic grinding discs are odourless and tasteless. Harder than stainless steel, extremely durable and comparable to industrial ceramics from dentures. Different spices can be ground one after the other without cleaning the grinder. To change the spices, lift the mill upright and lift off the magnetic lid. Then empty the contents from the mill and refill it. No spice grain must obstruct the lid when closing. Be sure to ensure the correct fit of the lid.

Spice mill Weight: depending on the type of wood approx. 300 g - 400 g,

Dimensions approx. 90 mm ball diameter