Kampot Pepper black

The black Kampot pepper has a unique taste that delights with its round spiciness and fresh notes of mint and eucalyptus. It consists of whole peppercorns, which develop their aroma best when freshly ground. Because only the most beautiful and largest peppercorns are selected, the peppercorns are slightly larger than other types of pepper. This makes this type of pepper an inimitable, delicious pepper specialty that enhances your food and dishes in a very special way.

Our pepper specialties are natural products without flavor enhancers or artificial ingredients. You can buy our black Kampot pepper from us free of genetic engineering and natural.

Using Kampot pepper, black

Hearty: Thanks to their characteristic, minty notes, the black peppercorns refine particularly hearty dishes with a wonderful aroma. You can use them great for game and lamb, but also for delicate fish dishes. They go well in a sauce or even ground directly onto the meat!

Wintery: With the strong spiciness and aromas of essential eucalyptus, the spice refines a number of hearty winter dishes. Not only meat dishes, but also red cabbage, dumplings or spicy vegetables as well as tofu get a wonderful and full-bodied taste with the black Kampot pepper.

Cheese: Our pepper specialty is a real all-round talent that enhances many dishes with its tasty spice. The spice not only goes well with warm dishes, but can also be sprinkled on dips or sauces. Mustard sauces or chutneys that you serve with spicy cheese can also be perfectly rounded off with black Kampot pepper.

Interesting facts, origin and extraction

The black Kampot pepper is harvested when the berries are still green. It is then fermented by placing it in the sun to dry. Like the red variety, black pepper is grown and harvested by hand in the Kampot region of Cambodia.

Ingredients and nutritional values for Kampot black pepper, whole

Ingredients: Kampot pepper, black, whole

May contain traces of allergens.

Vegan, no flavor enhancers, no added gluten, no yeast extracts, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no added salt, no added sugar, no added lactose, unsulfured

Manufacturer Kampot black pepper: Bremer Gewürzhandel

Storage: cool, protected from light, dry

Suitable for our spice mills

Packaging: 50g in a refill pack

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140.00 € / 1 kg