Tasmanian pepper "Pure Pepper"

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The pepper first has a sweetish, then very fiery aroma. Notes of cassis, juniper and bay leaf. Tasmanian pepper is suitable for dishes with fish, seafood, exotic fruits in stews and sauces. Please keep well sealed. Tasmanian pepper is suitable for grinding in our spice mill.

Please note: If the berries are still too soft, please let the pepper dry a little in the open tin. The Tasmanian pepper can then be processed in the spice mill. It is difficult to get the berries into powder in a mortar and the husks stick together in an ordinary pepper mill.

Origin: Tasmanian pepper from Australia.

Aroma: Sweetish at first, then fiery, very hot.

Characteristics: black berries, hand-picked, naturally sun-dried, no use of additives

Contents: 25 g

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