Indian Mountain Pepper "Pure Pepper"

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Indian mountain pepper has beautiful green, brown, red and black berries with a fresh aroma. It is almost a colourful pepper. Its spiciness is pleasantly round. It has notes of lemon, lime, nutmeg and cardamom. This jungle pepper harmonises with chicken, fish, vegetables and wok dishes. It grows in the heights of the Western Ghats in southern India.

Origin: Indian mountain pepper is a black pepper from the West Ghats, Karnataka, South India.

Aroma: lemony, very fresh, notes of lemon, lime, nutmeg and cardamom.
Characteristics: green, brown, red to black berries, handpicked, naturally sun dried, no use of additives

Contents: 70 g

Please keep well closed. Indian mountain pepper is suitable for grinding in our spice mills and in the mortar.

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